Delivery to the world countries (except Russia)


Russian stones” makes delivery of all the assortments of goods to any part of Russia and abroad.


Delivery to the countries all over the world (except Russia). If you make an order we make costumed forming of your ordering goods on the territory of Russia, according costumed jurisdiction of Russian federation. Attention! We can’t count in our price costumed taxes of your country, where your order goods are sent. Because each country has its own rules and costumed taxes to any kind of goods. Taxes and rules always change and we haven’t opportunity to check it. That’s why be attentive while ordering big amount of goods. If you have not many goods the costumed taxes is not big or absent.

Abroad (all over the world) the leading currier companies make delivery. The price and time of delivery depend on which company you choose. Our manager will consult you about conditions of delivery and will help you to choose something.

Attention to our foreign clients: the service of delivery is choosing by your wish.

Delivery through Russia


“Russian stones” makes delivery of all the assortments of goods in any part of Russia and abroad.

The time of delivery depends on the destination of the orderer and continuous from 1 day to 10 days. The time of delivery ensures during ordering of goods.

On the territory of Russian federation the company of express-post, pony express, Russian post. As you wish, it is possible to choose any other curer company.